Beginning the Design Process

After finally receiving the air conditioner, the first thing I have to do is to think about how hard this installation is actually going to be. There are a few design challenges I will have to overcome, but taking this project one step at a time, and solving each problem as it occurs is the only way to proceed.


The main air unit was actually slightly smaller than the published dimensions. All the better, however I noticed the first design hurdle I have to overcome - the routing of the water lines. The entry water line isn't too bad, but the exit water line (top) is such that I think I am going to have to make a loop of some kind. In itself, a loop isn't hard, but there may be some interference with the ductwork.



There is also an issue with the left side of the air handler - it gets attached with a clip, so I need to leave a bit of room for that as well. Another issue is the reset button. It is a bit on the rear side. These issues make it very important to build the plenum properly.


Another component that needs attention is where to mount the control box. After the initial connections, there will be little requirement to access the unit - therefore it can be placed just about anywhere I can find the room. One restriction however, is that the attaching cable for the air unit is a bit under 4ft. If possible, I do not want to install the control box in the front storage compartment.


The next step is to create a nominal size drawing, showing the overall dimensions of the unit. From here, I can make a couple of sketches to see how things might fit.

The first part, the air unit is not too hard to figure out. It should go just about where I have shown on the drawing. The hard part is where to fit the control box.

The location of choice for the control box is the leftside (rear-most) wall of the front storage cabinet. To gain an extra 3 inches of space, I will relocate the leftside wall forward.

The end view of the front berth rear wall (leftside), shows how the control box will fit. The connector at the top will be for the air unit, while the bottom connectors will be for AC power and the thermostat.

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