Installing Dinghy Davits - Part 2

With the boat finally in the water, the outboard installed on the dinghy, you can see how the dinghy mounts to the davits. I does take some time to get the mounts adjusted correctly, especially since I made the straps and spanner bar.

For the rear mounts, I simply drilled through the plywood transom of the dinghy. Again, I epoxied the exposed hole, then used 3M 4200 to bed the stainless hardware. I sewed 2" nylon straping for this mount. Oh yea, I made the little storage bag as well. It does seem to have favor with spiders though, as they have seemed to have made it a home.

The front mounts are a bit more complicated. You need to buy the "D-Rings" and adhesive for either PVC or Hypalon, whichever your boat is made of. When gluing the D-Rings, I used a 2 part high strength adhesive; either PolyMarine (3026 for PVC or 2990 for Hypalon) or Weaver (3001 for PVC or 2001 for Hypalon).

Use these adhesives outdoors!



After launching, the rear view of the mother ship reveals how I have retained the access to the swim platform; and if you can locate the boarding ladder under the swim platform, you can see that not only did I retain its accessibility, but we can now use the Starboard mount as a handhold.

The little extras.

If you have been reading my projects for awhile, you know that I like to add functionality to them whenever I find a need. This project is no exception. One of the extras I made are these bags at each davit. They hold the extra lifting line, and are made of Sunbrella.

I also borrowed sailboat technology, and installed a Ronstan Cam Cleat on each lift arm. The cleats mount on 3/4" Starboard mounts I also made. The cleats are such that as you pull up on the lift line, the line locks in place. To lower the dinghy, you pull the lift line off the cleat.

These are very useful as often the dinghy is lifted by alternately rasing the Port and Starboard side rather than lift one side all the way up. Using the cleats alleviates the need to tie off the lift line after each lifting step.


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