Electronic Boat Projects

      VHF Radio installation on a small boat, including a custom mounting box.

      Mounting a portable GPS unit in a small boat.

      OEM style Fresh-Water and Holding Tank Monitor System.


      Basic GPS Chartplotter/VHF NMEA System.


      Gas Vapor Detector - Style 1.


      Fire-Fuel-Water Detector - Style 2.


      Bennett Automatic Tab Controller.


      Stand Alone Fuel Flow Meter.


      LCD Television/DVD Player.



      Aftermarket Style Freshwater and Holding Tank Level Monitor.


      Building a Voltage - Battery Monitor.


      Constructing Waterproof electronics/elecrical enclosures.


      Creating small permanent waterproof electronic modules.


      Upgrading your Shorepower 120VAC indicator lights to LEDs.


      Cell phone communications system.


      Multiple bank battery monitor.





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