The Equipment

I selected the following stereo equipment for this project:

The power amplifiers may be modest by some standards. However, the system's power is adequate for my needs, as I don't listen to music at earth-shattering levels, and I did not want to have to do any major re-wiring.

I chose the satellite receiver for two reasons. First, the Starmate 5 is the first (and of this writing, the only) receiver that can be programmed Ala Carte, and second, the receiver itself is portable and can be moved from the boat, to car, to home setups with the purchase of docking kits. These two features helps lower the cost of the subscription.

Next, a layout needed to be considered. Fortunately, the "pedestal" where the stereo is to be located provides adequate room for all of the components - however, I will have to relocate a power outlet.

Using a technique I perfected over several previous projects, I mount all of the components upon a 1/2" piece of Black Corian. DuPont calls the color Notcurne, and when highly polished, takes on a very glossy apperance not unlike Onyx. When I add chrome accents, such as the rack handles, it provides a pleasing contrast - at least to me. I like to call this "Industrial Art", as it looks as much a piece of art as it does a piece of electronic equipment. If you have never worked with Corian, it machines well with standard woodworking equipment, and should be within the skill level of any woodworking hobbyist.



DuPont has recognized the artistic applications of Corian, and you can purchase small quantities for woodworking and other art projects at:

Art Specialties (1-800-724-4008)   

You just won't be able to buy it wide enough to install a kitchen countertop, as you can only buy the material up to 15" wide here.

Another possible source is your local kitchen shop. You may be able to buy a sink cutout from them. Of course, eBay always has odd quantities and colors available.

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