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St. Thomas - US Virgin Islands

Cruise port: Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas (USVI)

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas: (USVI) The chief island in the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is a US territory. However, due to their British heritage, they still drive on the wrong side of the street (as do many of the islands). Highlights of St. Thomas is Mountain Top (originator of the Banana Daiquri), St. Peter Greathouse, Coral World, a marine park, Magens Bay, probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and Paradise Point, a mountain top that provides quite a panaromic view. We visited this island in 2001, 2005, and 2010. It's not uncommon to see 4 to 6 cruise ships docked at St. Thomas.

There are two cruise ports in St. Thomas; Crown Point to the West of Charlotte Amalie where Princess, Celebrity, and the larger Royal Caribbean Allure and Oasis typically dock, and one in the main harbor to the south of Charlotte Amalie where the remainder of the ships dock.

If you are looking for that special gift for your wife, don't miss the famous reversible Flip Ring from Cardow Jewelers. They are located both at Haverhill Mall (right at the cruise docks) or downtown Charlotte Amalie. My wife's ring is Diamond on one side and Amethyst on the flip side (although you can buy different gems on the flip side (including Black Diamond, Emerald, Opal, Tanzanite, Ruby, and Sapphire gems).

There is quite a story behind this ring. My wife first saw it in 2001 during our first trip to St. Thomas. At that time, she decided against purchasing it. But about the time the ship started to leave port, she decided she wanted it. At that time I told her that if we ever returned to St. Thomas, I'd buy it for her.

On our next trip to St. Thomas in 2005, I bought her the ring. Then about a year ago, she lost a diamond out of the ring. I contacted Cardow and they indicated if I sent it to them, they would fix it. We also took the ring to a local jeweler, and they wanted about $300 to repair it.

Well, I prograstinated, and on our third trip to St. Thomas in 2010, we stopped into Cardow with the ring. They fixed it for us in about 3 hours, placing a new diamond in the ring, and did not charge us! I felt so great that I bought the 3rd insert ring for her. (although the photos do not show the third ring, which fits between the outer rings).

St. Thomas has plenty to do, from sightseeing to water sports, to beach relaxing, or perhaps a ride to Paradise Point. Be careful though; cruise passengers have been known to drink one too many "Bushwhackers" at Paradise Point, then watch the cruise ship leave without them. St. Thomas is not without it's problems though. In July 2010, a few months after our 3rd trip, an innocent cruise passenger in a tourist bus on the way to Coki Point Beach when the bus was accidently hit by gunfire during a gang related shootout. Tragically, a 14yr old girl died News Account. Consequently, some cruise-sponsored excursions may bypass Coral World and other attractions at Coki Point.

Coral World at Coki Point - St. Thomas

Underwater sightseeing from Coral World's submersible in Water Bay - St. Thomas

Megayachts at the marina in Long Bay Harbor - St. Thomas

Tram cars on their way up to Paradise Point - St. Thomas

View of Long Bay Harbor from Paradise Point - St. Thomas

You can just about visualize Blackbeard in this alley - Downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

St. Peter Greathouse, a popular wedding spot - St. Thomas

Mountain Top before it burned down in 2009 - St. Thomas


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