Project Concepts

The Art of the Project - My project Philosophy and random thoughts

Doing the Boat Project Safely - Know the Federal Law (US Coast Guard Regulations)

Selecting components for your boat - What you should consider before buying that hardware store bolt.


      Drilling holes in fiberglass.


      Dressing (bundling) Wire.


      High Power DC Wiring Solutions.


      VHF Marine Antenna Fundamentals.


      Electromagnetic radiation issues in recreational boats.


      Using NMEA 0183 With Modern Marine Electronic Equipment.


      NMEA-2000 Network Primer.


      Automatic Identification System (AIS) on the Recreational Boat.


      Real-time worldwide AIS tracking map. Watch AIS in action.


      Proper Wire Splicing, Terminating, and Pulling Techniques


      Selecting Boat Wiring.


      Boat Electrical Calculators


      Making a NMEA-0183 connection between a Chartplotter and VHF Radio.


      Drilling Holes in Alignment.


      Connector Types for your Boat.


      Dual Battery Installations.


      Cutting into helms and fiberglass.


      Selecting AA Batteries for your boating application.




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