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The purpose of this section in the website is to identify and find parts for Carvers, especially older ones. The pages here are a compilation of the efforts of many Carver boatowners, when researching for replacement parts for their boats.

Carver 325/326 Aft Cabin Motor Yacht:

Parts Resources:

Carver 325/326 Parts Manual On Line

Schlegal. Schlegals are the furry little strips that go along the windows. Call Taylor Customer Service at (518)773-9336 to order by-the-foot.
Weep slot covers. Those little covers along the base of the windows that allow the windows to drain.
Hatch Parts. Replacement parts for Bowmar Hatches.
Circuit Breakers. Carling circuit breakers used in the AC and DC main panels.
Cockpit Lights. Barnegat Light Corp exterior cockpit lights. Chrome versions are now available.

Cabinet catch. Sea-Dog roller cabinet catch.
Plumbing fittings Flair-It 1/2" plastic plumbing fittings for PEX tubing (note, these can be replaced by Watts brand fittings, available at Lowes).
Curtain Track. Aluminum curtain track and sew-in tabs.
Crown Head Parts. Parts, manuals, and instructions for your Raritan Crown electric head.
Voltmeters and Ammeters. Shurite 850 series meters for the electrical panel. Will replace Hoyt meters on older 325s.

Button Hinge. Round surface hinge used in some doors on Carver 325s.
Rocker style Circuit Breakers Carling DG-1 series breakers.

Maintenance and Repairs: This section details actions not regarded as projects, but specific fixes.

Fixing a voltmeter in the shorepower panel


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