About Me

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I am just a boater. But a boater with a Sawsall - and not afraid to use it. I do not work for the marine industry; in fact, I am currently retired.

Before I retired, my profession spanned 36 years, both in the military (USAF) and as a federal civilian employee. I have always had a technical job of some sort, and I have always liked to see how things worked.

As a 12yr old child, I remember sitting on the front porch one day taking my new bicycle apart. My mom discovered this (with bike parts laying all over the porch) - and instead of getting mad, she simply said "you better get that bike back together before your father comes home". Well, I did - and I suppose it launched my further interest in a technical education and the jobs I held:

I love doing boat projects, and have done many of them on my own boats. In doing so, I have gaind a vast amount of knowledge on how to do something. For instance, I knew nothing about Air Conditioners, but did some research and installed Air Conditioning on my Four Winns 268 Vista. I did have some problems with it - mostly freezing up - but I figured it out, and this therefore, resulted in expanding my knowledge.

It's been said that you learn from your mistakes... well if that is true, I am a genius, as I have made plenty of mistakes.

It might then seem the old chiché; I know just enough to be dangerous" may apply. However, I don't think that is quite the case, since I try to learn enough about the subject so that I am not dangerous. Afterall, out on Lake Michigan where I boat, if your boat starts to sink - you can be in real trouble.

From 2003 to 2008, I published about 20 articles in Lakeland Boating and Motorboating Magazine about the projects I have done on my Four Winns Vista 268 and Carver 325. When I retired, I decided to create a website consisting of all of my unpublished works, and this is the result. I am still very active in boating, and currently own a 1995 Carver 325 MotorYacht.

One concept I really emphasize is that you should take any information you find here and use it as a catalyst; or an idea of a project you may want to undertake. In that regard, you should do the research and see for yourself how something should be done. You will give me more satisfaction by improving on your own version of a project you see here rather than copying it.

A note about the ad banners on the website. I put a lot of time and effort into this website, as well as funding the cost of hosting it, and its the ad banners that help keep this site free.

If you wish, you can contact me via email at the bottom of this page.

Happy Boating;